Thursday, 26 May 2016

My new school

My new school is called s.c.c or southern cross campus.  At s.c.c we have different uniform which may look funny. At s.c.c we don't use digital stuff like chrome books or iPads , that's right only pen and paper. I think people at s.c.c can be really funny. When they asked me about my old school I would say pt England school but instead they think that I come from England. Its pretty cool because at s.c.c from year  7 to 13 it collage. My sister Rima and my brother Sohel are now in collage. They would keep complaining about how much the need to walk every day and also how many classes they have. For example at pt England school we only have one class for every subject but instead they have about 7 subjects and that means 7 classes. But the cool thing about s.c.c is that in there tuck shop they sell things like butter chicken, hash brown, curly fries, potato wedges and Evan sprites. I really miss my friends from Pt England school.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Hi my name is Ayman i'm a paleontologist today i’m going to tell you how
this stgatops was born 25 million years ago. There was a stegosaurus that was in love he loved a triceratops. Time past and they got married the triceratops was having a baby It was a stgatops.

This is how the stgatops pertic himself imagine that you were a stgatops.
A t-rex is chasing after you can seiwg your till to make it week then you bang it with your sape till but if it tries to jump on you it will die from the
spikes that how they pertic him or her

My stgatops is a herbivore a herbivore is a plant eater. Herbivore live in a forest a herbivore can not eat meat if it ain't meat. It will be poisoned and die the stgatops only eat plants and water of course they will drink water
by next time we will talk about the fightersurus

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A T-Rex lived in the cretaceous his size is 40 feet long. It was 6 tons and it was  20 feet tall he was a carnivore. That means he ate  meat he lived in the forest that is where most of the herbivores  lived his
ja was 4 feet  Long he also has 60 teeth. Those teeth was a size as a banana he was the third biggest dinosaur.

The Second biggest is the gigantosaurus. The first one spinosaurus the t-rex he. Was a hunting dinosaurs
the dinosaurs were afraid of him because he had very. Sharp teeth to eat  he is a greedy  dinosaur       
he has to eat a lot of food to survive.  He's one of the fastest dinosaurs  and the mum dinosaur looks after their egg’s for 3 months when it hatched it was a  size as big as a  bunny and it had 60 teeth i think

they have a very good smell  if a t rex lost it’s  food they could use their nose to smell the dinosaur that he’s
casing it goes through its nostril.  To its brain so he knows where the the t rex  now he knows where to go
and if there were like  lot’s of dinosaurs in a room the t rex could smell  all of that
it can smail from very far to it smell is very strong he is the best dinosaur at hunting
On Friday room 11 and 12 went to the museum, we had a leader for each group, my leader is Ms Tito. We waited for the bus to arrive. It came we were just going on it was awesome we finally came to the museum after a few minutes, It was still building.
So we went in, it was awesome in there we were going up stairs to feel fossil’s.

We got to see a t-rex skull and we had to go in groups we didn't get to touch. It but we did get to touch other pieces of it.  The guy who
let’s us touch the other pieces name is Josh. One of our teammates got to bring one piece of the fossil. Of the t-rex and then when you're done looking at it you got to tell the whole class what the dinosaur used that for. I will tell and we done.

At the roly poly hill we had lots of fun it was awesome me and my best friend called name is Lorenzo.

we did the epic roly poly and if you go down the hill it's like your mario because the student’s are the barrels that rolled down like the donkey kong game and then we went on the bus to go to school. I felt pukish when i was going to class i phuket on the way.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

On wednesday the whole class was excited because
we were going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival :)
our school was going first. We were waiting for a while but

finally the bus came it was. Really fun on the bus me and my friend was playing a game o and his name is Emmanuel. The game goes like this you first you got pick a color i pick blue. And if you find something blue you get to hunt dean. We got there very fast.

Now we wear at sylvia park. It was a long way up
we finally get to sit down we saw all of the movie's
it was awesome. :)
When we were done we saw a noter school
we went back to school by bus a fill. Asleep
on my friend the end o and my favorite movie’s


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Vlcanolos  believe that volcanologist leveled mollon and mollon years ago
that’s when dienones leveled. I no how volcanologist are still real one day

at hawaii. There was a masev volcanologist That erupted and some of the
hoses got set on fire Volcanoes. Even go to volcanologist and discover
roke from inside of the volcanologist.

They need to wear their special suit their 1 equipment is
heavy gloves they wear these gloves. To grab the bruning
roks the 2 equipment is a breathing apparatus they wear a
breathing apparatus so. If the volcanologist erupted they can breath
through the smoke. They use theos equipment to grab the boleg roke
they bring the. Boleg roke to the laboratory to investigate the boleg roke
and they get the DNA from the roke to sice dem.