Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Vlcanolos  believe that volcanologist leveled mollon and mollon years ago
that’s when dienones leveled. I no how volcanologist are still real one day

at hawaii. There was a masev volcanologist That erupted and some of the
hoses got set on fire Volcanoes. Even go to volcanologist and discover
roke from inside of the volcanologist.

They need to wear their special suit their 1 equipment is
heavy gloves they wear these gloves. To grab the bruning
roks the 2 equipment is a breathing apparatus they wear a
breathing apparatus so. If the volcanologist erupted they can breath
through the smoke. They use theos equipment to grab the boleg roke
they bring the. Boleg roke to the laboratory to investigate the boleg roke
and they get the DNA from the roke to sice dem.

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