Thursday, 26 May 2016

My new school

My new school is called s.c.c or southern cross campus.  At s.c.c we have different uniform which may look funny. At s.c.c we don't use digital stuff like chrome books or iPads , that's right only pen and paper. I think people at s.c.c can be really funny. When they asked me about my old school I would say pt England school but instead they think that I come from England. Its pretty cool because at s.c.c from year  7 to 13 it collage. My sister Rima and my brother Sohel are now in collage. They would keep complaining about how much the need to walk every day and also how many classes they have. For example at pt England school we only have one class for every subject but instead they have about 7 subjects and that means 7 classes. But the cool thing about s.c.c is that in there tuck shop they sell things like butter chicken, hash brown, curly fries, potato wedges and Evan sprites. I really miss my friends from Pt England school.