Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ayman's fireman David

On Friday a fireman came and his name was fireman David. All the students of team three came to class 11 &  12. Fireman David told us lot of interesting information like how to be a fireman and what the job is like. I found it really interesting.

He told us about some of the training a fireman  has to do.  The hardest training is the rat maze. The rat maze is a maze where the fireman  has to wear their protective clothing and they have to where there shield to cover their face. They also have to wear a black paper on their face so they can’t see where there are going.  
and they put it 50 degrees in there but if you make it. You are in and if you take it of the black paper you're not in.

There fire truck is like a tool box. The most important thing is on the firetruck is a fire-hose and in the fire truck only 4 people cuddled fit in the  fire truck. And they have a ladder so the people if they are sure in a high place
they use the ladder to reach the people from their windows if they were crap.     

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