Tuesday, 22 September 2015

On Monday the 7th of September everybody was getting
ready for cross country when. I was waiting i was sheering
for my group my class was wanted pacetel but then it was

our turn to run i was. Nervous my heart was pounding but  

Then Mr Burt was holding the caliper and it !clap like a
whole school was clapping. And all of us sprinted of
we wear like a center all together we run over the mud the mud splattered on by back!. I was Still going on we went

Theo the gate there was a lot of mud the mud made me suke we. Were out of the school.I was gisping for breath
we finally want back in school i saw. The finish line i sprint
of to the finish. I came 11th the cease brage me to

Get water from Ms Clack she said we could take
to capes of water when. I was finish i was cheering for my
for brother. He was coming first but he got tied then i was

cheering for my sister my sis was coming first but she was getting tired so she was ligging behind and then i was cheering for brother he was coming first but he got tied to

but he came 4th wen we was going home we were gasping for breath.     

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