Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A T-Rex lived in the cretaceous his size is 40 feet long. It was 6 tons and it was  20 feet tall he was a carnivore. That means he ate  meat he lived in the forest that is where most of the herbivores  lived his
ja was 4 feet  Long he also has 60 teeth. Those teeth was a size as a banana he was the third biggest dinosaur.

The Second biggest is the gigantosaurus. The first one spinosaurus the t-rex he. Was a hunting dinosaurs
the dinosaurs were afraid of him because he had very. Sharp teeth to eat  he is a greedy  dinosaur       
he has to eat a lot of food to survive.  He's one of the fastest dinosaurs  and the mum dinosaur looks after their egg’s for 3 months when it hatched it was a  size as big as a  bunny and it had 60 teeth i think

they have a very good smell  if a t rex lost it’s  food they could use their nose to smell the dinosaur that he’s
casing it goes through its nostril.  To its brain so he knows where the the t rex  now he knows where to go
and if there were like  lot’s of dinosaurs in a room the t rex could smell  all of that
it can smail from very far to it smell is very strong he is the best dinosaur at hunting

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