Monday, 7 December 2015

Hi my name is Ayman i'm a paleontologist today i’m going to tell you how
this stgatops was born 25 million years ago. There was a stegosaurus that was in love he loved a triceratops. Time past and they got married the triceratops was having a baby It was a stgatops.

This is how the stgatops pertic himself imagine that you were a stgatops.
A t-rex is chasing after you can seiwg your till to make it week then you bang it with your sape till but if it tries to jump on you it will die from the
spikes that how they pertic him or her

My stgatops is a herbivore a herbivore is a plant eater. Herbivore live in a forest a herbivore can not eat meat if it ain't meat. It will be poisoned and die the stgatops only eat plants and water of course they will drink water
by next time we will talk about the fightersurus

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