Wednesday, 25 November 2015

On Friday room 11 and 12 went to the museum, we had a leader for each group, my leader is Ms Tito. We waited for the bus to arrive. It came we were just going on it was awesome we finally came to the museum after a few minutes, It was still building.
So we went in, it was awesome in there we were going up stairs to feel fossil’s.

We got to see a t-rex skull and we had to go in groups we didn't get to touch. It but we did get to touch other pieces of it.  The guy who
let’s us touch the other pieces name is Josh. One of our teammates got to bring one piece of the fossil. Of the t-rex and then when you're done looking at it you got to tell the whole class what the dinosaur used that for. I will tell and we done.

At the roly poly hill we had lots of fun it was awesome me and my best friend called name is Lorenzo.

we did the epic roly poly and if you go down the hill it's like your mario because the student’s are the barrels that rolled down like the donkey kong game and then we went on the bus to go to school. I felt pukish when i was going to class i phuket on the way.

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